Words of encouragement and inspiration.

There are questions that we all ask ourselves sooner or later. What constitutes our life? What makes it so special? Is there a formula for making it fulfilling? Where and how can I find happiness? What is the role of personality traits, attitudes, potential, encounters and apparently chance occurrences? And above all, what can we do to lead a meaningful, successful life?

Christine Nancy Kloess delves into these questions. She has held deep, far-reaching and open conversations with six remarkable, very different individuals about possibilities and challenges. Together with her interviewees – Dechen Shak-Dagsay (Tibetan mantra singer), Daniela Maiwald (psychological hand analyst), Christoph Mack (CEO), Elisabeth Bond (spiritual teacher), Susanne Kaufmann (hotel owner) and Alireza Varzandeh (painter), she successfully gets to the heart of the secrets and uniqueness of our existence.

«Life – A Unique Journey».  This book is a must for everyone who is looking for inspiration and wants to progress a little further towards in their life’s journey. The advice in this book provides fascinating and inspirational answers to some very personal questions, and in an entertaining yet moving way offers an exciting insight into the complex mechanisms at work in every person’s life.

Six life paths. Six conversations about life and its secrets.
Tremendous life experience.

Elisabeth Bond

Spiritual teacher, healer
«If not you, who?»

Christoph Mack

CEO, entrepreneur
«Allow yourself to be yourself,
and do the best you can.»

Dechen Shak-Dagsay

Tibetan mantra singer
«Happiness is to be found
where we create it ourselves.»

Daniela Maiwald

Psychological hand analyst
«The more we trust
ourselves and life,
the less our path
seems like a struggle.»

Alireza Varzandeh

«Act - and good fortune and happiness
will find you.»

Susanne Kaufmann

Hotel owner, businesswoman
«Imagine you never even tried.»